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Power Trip A

Power Trip A

Power Trip A
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These 20 interactive, BIBLE-BASED and keyed to YOUCAT*, Catholic Youth gatherings on CD (or CD w/Binder) can be used effectively with junior high or high school (OR BOTH in a small parish or youth group).

The CD contains the entire program, with helps, both in one continuous PDF format and in individual Word documents to enable you to change and adapt to your particular group while keeping the original intact. Permission is granted for unlimited copying within the parish or purchasing organization.
  • Many opportunities for youth to commit to Christ.
  • Biblical proofs for Catholic beliefs such as honoring Mary, intercession of the saints, authority of the Magisterium. 
When used along with our free Confirmation Supplement, these gatherings are suitable as preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  

Also the perfect supplemental resource - at a one-time reasonable price - for current topics and seasons.

EMPHASIS: Holy Spirit


*Also keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Features Benefits
Fulfills objectives of USCCB's "RENEWING THE VISION" Covers all the basics of the faith
Annotated Table of Contents Provides quick overview of each lesson
Full permission to copy within parish or group Nothing else to buy
ADORATION is incorporated into each gathering Unites teens with Christ, teaches prayer, and prepares hearts
Bible-based lessons Deepens participation in the liturgy; the Bible becomes a friend
SKITS, GAMES and CRAFTS coordinate with themes Learning is appealing, fun and painless
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Engaging, Thought-provokingI’ve used Powertrip A with my middle school group and love it! I have a small group so we adapt the lessons/activities sometimes. The lesson plan is detailed enough that when someone has to sub for me, I can just give them the book and they know exactly what to do. We have a shorter time than the 90 minute plan and I can easily break it up to accommodate our 40-45 minutes. The activities are engaging for the kids. They like the Catechism Lookup and memorizing scripture each week which we have made into challenges. Best of all, the lessons make it easier for the kids to understand the message and apply it to themselves at home, at school, and with friends. Written by Patricia Hodison on Tue 31 Jul 2018 3:06:59 AM GMT
Review from Uganda Youth Ministry AssociationFor almost a month now, Uganda Youth Ministry Association has used the POWER TRIP and other YOU TURNS materials with a group of 50 youth. The program called, Rediscovering the Faith, runs every Sunday at 2pm-5pm.

Here are a few comments from some of the youth that are benefiting from the YOU TURNS materials. I did not edit/ correct their English. Thought it makes sense to bring up here exactly what they wrote.

Nalukawago Lydia says, "We are very happy to learn from your Sunday program. Since I started coming here, I have been blessed in faith. With the help of the papers you gave us, I am learning all the common catholic prayers in English. I need a Bible, so that I can learn more scripture. May God bless you"
Kivumbi Paul says, " I am proud to be a member of the U-TURNS club. I have developed in my knowing of scripture and my God. The papers you give us and the lessons teach us so much. After learning today's lesson, I will be able to make some hard decisions well. I have also known that seeking God's approval is better than seeking popularity. Continue teaching us. I want to be a Father, but tell me how to go about it. My friends always discourage me. "
Nabunya Joan says "I always invite boys and girls to this group. I have been tought much by you that I also teach to my young brothers and sisters at home, like the prayers in English and how to say good words. I have also learnt about the importance of holy communion and prayer in our homes. My mother says I should come every Sunday. Thank you for our sodas and eats."
Nakyanzi Irene says, "You teach us that Laziness is a sin and since them I am stopping being Lazy. You teach us that we should work hard to be holy. You teach us that we should go for Mass at Parish and that we should stay safe from AIDS. Thank you for all the materials you give us to read. We want to learn more. I am studying hard to become a nurse and treat people in hospitals and homes"
Isabirye Wilson says, " As a leader of the boys in this group, I thank you for teaching us. You have helped us most boys to spend our leisure time well, not going for videos and watching football. We have known that we need to be good Christians and disciples the YOU TURNS materials you give us teach us how to read the Bible and the Catechism of the Church. We also learn many other skills in life. We will continue coming to learn more"
Written by Steven Beingana on Wed 13 Mar 2013 2:31:07 PM GMT
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