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Heritage Bowl

Heritage Bowl

Heritage Bowl
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Strong content and high motivation set this program apart! Originally for 6th grade, Heritage Bowl has been found to work well - or even better -  as a "roll-over" spread over two years for 5th and 6th or 7th and 8th graders. The material, available on CD or printed binder, also available as a download, covers the historical and spiritual content of the complete Bible and basic knowledge of Catholic tradition. 

The year-end Jeopardy-type contest challenges adolescents to commit to knowing their faith and developing their skills of memorization. A parish can compete with a nearby parish, a distant parish over Skype, or arrange a contest between adult parishioners and the youth.

Questions cover the sacraments, Ten Commandments, rituals of the faith, the Church's governing system and are keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and YOUCAT. 

EMPOWER young Catholics with knowledge of their faith and better participation in the Liturgy of the Word with these 16 lessons! MOTIVATE them with an exciting contest at the end.

Companion text to this program is the PICTURE BIBLE, or its upgrade and the preferred ACTION BIBLE (see below) – large comic books that YOUNG PEOPLE WILL READ! (These publications have received approval for Catholic readership by Bishop Michael Sheridan of Colorado Springs.) Each youth needs a personal copy, which can be loaned by the parish or purchased by the student.



Features Benefits
Use of the Picture Bible as well as a standard Bible Youth will read the Picture Bible because of its appealing comic book style
Score chart based on attendance, team wins, completing assignments, bringing notebooks to class, etc. Motivates youth participation and forms basis for rewards and awards.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Director of Religious Ed.Middle school youth ministry Written by Sister Angie Laurenzo on Wed 27 Jan 2016 2:46:21 AM GMT
We love it!!!!!!!!!!!!Ashland has been doing it since the 1990's. It's something special for the 6th grade (6th - 8th are welcome but may compete only once). My experience has been that 6th grade is a world of it's own. This age level just quite does not fit anywhere. Some are still in the mindset of elementary and some are ready for a life of vocation. Here is what we do.

The 6th grade meets at the same time as the elementary grades but has always been considered part of the Youth (middle school). They read the Picture Bible that looks like a comic book. (They read some in class together and some as homework) They love it! In class the kids compete against each other on what they have learned. Each kid has a binder with the questions and answers, questions are on either the Church (usually Mass) or on the Bible stories. The kids know these stories from reading the comic book bible. They remember details adults have trouble remembering.

Our class is being taught by a high school student who was in the Heritage Bowl when she was in 6th grade. Her Dad is going to be the assistant (to have the 21 year old presence for Archdiocesan guidelines).

Each year there is a theme - a Bible verse. The kids make up a skit to perform on the day of Heritage Bowl that goes with that Bible verse. All of the team participates somehow. The teams are also scored on the skit. The kids really love to plan their skit (simple props, costumes, and signs included).

All the kids wear T-shirts of the same color to signify their team spirit.

Before the Heritage Bowl we practice by having a mini bowl competition against the Adults in the Parish. The kids always win because they have been studying the questions and can answer them quickly off the top of their head.

Two years ago the questions were translated into Spanish if you have any kids that prefer to study in Spanish, the pictures bible can also be purchased in Spanish.

On the day of Heritage Bowl each parish provides a judge and scorekeeper and timer. In Oregon, Rosy and her husband run the show. They run a tight ship to keep the event fair, yet fun! It's a great time for parents to see how smart and holy their children are.

It's very organized, and the kids are so proud of themselves, they have to work together as a team and even the shy kids contribute with their knowledge. The team elects a team captain to do most of the speaking for the team, but if someone is really good at answering a question quickly, that person answers for the team. Questions are given points based on the difficulty in answering them.

It's great fun and everyone learns and grows deeper in faith. The kids build strong relationships with each other.
Written by Evelyn Tucker on Tue 2 Feb 2010 11:23:10 PM GMT
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